3 reasons why you should choose virgin media

Virgin Media is a British company in the United Kingdom which provides fixed and mobile telephone, television and broadband internet services to businesses and consumers. It has an executive office which is located in New York City, United States and it has an operational headquarters which are in Hook, United Kingdom.

This company was formed in March 2006 by the merger of National Transportation Library and Telewest which created National Transportation Library. All of the company’s consumer services were rebranded under the Virgin Media name in February 2007.

Virgin Media is a company that owns and operates its own fiber-optic cable network which is the only national cable network in the United Kingdom. Virgin Media competes entirely with British Sky Broadcasting, British Telecommunications Group, Everything Everywhere, Talk Talk and Vodafone.

Services provided by virgin media include; a very fast fiber optic broadband connection, Satellite television channels, phone calling packages and selling Smartphone at a very cheap rates. Therefore, there are a number of reasons why you should choosing the use of Virgin Media for all your business and entertainment needs, which includes;

3 reasons why you should choose virgin media

a)    Provision of free services;

This comes where when using cable televisions, most of people are used to the use of satellite dishes for the signal to receive ability and quality of display image, where dishes are a thing of the past with Virgin Media and   therefore when you purchase the television package, you are then provided with a TiVo (digital video recorder) entertainment box which will make it possible for one to receive cable signals and view television channels. And the installation for these devices are usually provided free of charge, as it is mostly handled online. This means that one can get to install the box with the assistance of a technician from another end. And if one is interested in using these services and much more, one can contact Virgin Media for more information and also can purchase their packages. Therefore, you can find out more about great savings on a TiVo box by calling Virgin Media Phone Number 0843 515 8680.

b)   Cheap cost of calling;

This comes where almost everyone use phones to call the people we love, and also do business transactions with the same. In doing this, there are incurred huge costs, but again with the home phone calling package from Virgin Media. And with the Virgin Media Home Phone package, one can call all landlines in the United Kingdom and Virgin Media numbers at no extra cost and all what is required is to have is to take a mobile subscription, where one can pay monthly on all accrued costs for the month.

c)   High internet connection;

This is where the company offers high speed fiber-optic internet connection through the Virgin Media Broadband network. And therefore depending on the internet needs and consumption, one can receive up to 100mbs with un-intermitted connectivity which can entirely be used for online streaming, watching movies online and also gaming. This is a fast internet connection which can also be used for video conferencing business centers and also in offices. For instance, when one purchases the 30mbps broadband connection, he/she can get to pay only half the total price for a six month contract.

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