Best and easy ways to contact Virgin media for any customer service problems


The one great thing about contact Virgin media, is that there’s so many different ways that you can contact them for any customer service problems. You don’t have to struggle to find their customer service to be able to get any problems solved. These are the best and easiest ways to contact Virgin media for any enquiries or any other problems.

When looking for normal assistance

If you have any normal and general assistance needed from Virgin media, you don’t have to struggle contacting them. You can go online and contact Virgin media through their virtual assistant, and she will try to solve your problems or answer all your questions you might have.

There’s many other networks where you don’t get assistance very easily, even if you’re going online. The reason why Virgin media is so great, is because they have a great virtual assistant that you can count on for all kinds of assistance. Check moreHere.

Technical help and their customer service

It’s really easy to contact Virgin media for assistance on any technical issues that you might experience with their network. You don’t have to contact the virtual assistant online for technical issues. You can call the customer service line for immediate assistance. You can phone for these technical help from your Virgin media mobile, free of charge, or you can phone from a landline, if your mobile doesn’t work.

The number that you can phone for assistance is 150 from your Virgin mobile or 0845 454 1111 from any other phone. This customer service is available to you, any time of the day. They are open from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. So, no matter what time you might have your problem, they will answer their phones and be able to assist you in your technical problems.

Other ways of getting in touch with Virgin media

If you don’t get them to assist you in your enquiries from the virtual assistant or through the customer service line, you also have some other options that you can use to Contact Virgin media.

  • The first way that you can contact them is via email. They are reading their emails every day and making sure that they reply as fast as what they possibly can. Normally they will reply your email within 48 hours. You will be able to find their email address on their website.
  • The other way that you can contact them is via Twitter. Their Twitter account is @virginmedia, and their response team will answer your question as fast as possible. These services are available daily from 8am until 8pm.
  • The third option for contacting them is to go to Facebook. At Virgin media, you will find customer help for assistance. Also they are responding really quickly on Facebook for serious problems.

Virgin media is popular for their quick response and their ways of getting any assistance to their clients. If you have any questions or enquiries about Virgin media, you can use any of these methods to contact Virgin media for any assistance, You can also see here:, and they will reply as fast as possible.


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