Virgin Media Fibre Optic Broadband: What Are the Benefits of Fibre Optic Broadband

Many people today contact Virgin Media in order to inquire about their plans and looking to sign up. It isn’t hard to see why Virgin Media has become so successful over the years and it’s really one of the biggest competitors as well. Virgin Media may have started off small and it probably didn’t look as though it could rival the giants of Sky and BT, however, Virgin Media is one of the top companies ever. It has broadband, calls and television on offer but what are the benefits of choosing fibre optic broadband from Virgin Media?

A Variety of Packages on Offer

It’s hard to find a broadband plan that works for everyone in the house. A lot of the times, the broadband packages, especially ones that include fibre optic, cost a huge amount of money and for the most part, no one really has much to part with. However, Virgin Media actually has a variety of amazing packages and you can find one to suit you. Some fibre optic packages even include calls and even television packages which are very impressive. You may want to find the Virgin Media Contact Number 0808 252 0484 and find out more.

Fast Speeds but Low Prices

You aren’t just getting low prices for joining Virgin Media for the first few months, but for the entire year. The contracts for fibre optic usually run about a year, which is good just in case you aren’t happy or want to change plans. However, the plans can be paid each month or upfront for the year which can save a little extra; but the prices remain good and affordable throughout the year. New customers aren’t the only ones able to get great deals and even though the prices are good, the connection speeds are fast, very fast! Contact Virgin Media and find out more.

No Delays Ever

You may think when four people are using the internet in different parts of the house, the connection speeds are going to be a nightmare but that isn’t the case with Virgin Media. Use the Virgin Media contact number and find out about the real connection speeds. You will find out there can be multiple internet users using the web at the same time and there isn’t going to be any interruptions. The connection speeds are going to be just as fast with one person using the web as five!

Downloading Isn’t an Issue

When you want to download things from the web such as music or movies from iTunes, you are going to find the timing isn’t too bad. You can enjoy downloading your new content without waiting hours. The reason why is simply because of fibre optic! Fibre optic is really quite fast and if you contact Virgin Media, they will tell you what kind of speeds you can get!

Virgin Media Fibre Optic Broadband

What Will You Choose?

Let’s be honest, fibre optic probably isn’t perfect because nothing is however, this is quite close! You do get a lot of benefits from this including the fact that multiple users can surf the web on different computers and there isn’t connection issues. That is why many are now choosing fibre optic but of course, it’s what you want and need! If you are happy with your current broadband, fair enough but if you want to maybe change things up a little, why not contact Virgin Media and find out what could be waiting for you?for more information, visit

Easy Way to Contact Virgin Media’s Customer Care Team

When it comes down to it, Virgin Media customer service must be at its highest in order for the company to be so successful. Sometimes, a company which has every potential to succeed, fails just because of its terrible customer care team. However, with Virgin Media they have seemed to keep growing and not just because of their excellent services but also because of their good customer care. What is the easy way to contact virgin media’s customer care team?see latest updates on my latest blog post.

Direct Over the Telephone

The very best and the easiest way to contact virgin media, has to be via the telephone! Yes, it might seem like the obvious solutions but that is because it is! The telephone is going to be the easiest way to talk to a real person and get whatever issue sorted out within a short space of time. All you have to do is call the customer care team and they will sort out the problem within minutes.

Should You Try Live Chat?

Live chat can be a great option for you to try contacting the Virgin Media customer service team but it’s not the same as speaking to someone in person. Of course, you speak to a person over the internet but sometimes, it hard to get the words down in writing; sometimes, it’s easier to talk to someone. However, live chat is still a good option and you will get the help over the web. If you don’t want to chat to someone in person, then live chat is the right option for you. It’s very easy to use this method also.

What Is Your Problem?

Let’s say you have an issue with your broadband connection and you need to be talked through the process of resetting your modern. This can be a very complicated matter and it can be difficult to get things sorted out via email or even on live chat. However, when you contact Virgin Media on the telephone, you can actually fix the problem then and there. This is why more are choosing to contact their service provider via telephone.see more information at

Solve the Issue Quickly

In all honesty, a lot of people prefer to talk to a real live person than chatting over the web. It’s something thousands prefer and if you are a little worried or unsure of anything about your subscription, the easiest way to get answer is to pick up the phone and call. In fact, if you want to change your payment method then you want to know you’re talking to the actual company. Sometimes, the telephone seems like the best option and it’s the fastest way to get results too. How you will contact Virgin Media?

Contact Virgin Media’s Customer Care Team

Get the Best from Your Service

Every company has a variety of contact options and even most almost everything is completed over the web, still, the telephone is the easiest method to get results. This is why most companies offer telephone customer care and let’s be honest; it’s the best way to get most things resolved as well. Not everyone wants to use live chat and many don’t want to wait for an email either; but one call could get everything sorted out. The Virgin Media customer service team can help any customer, and contacting them via telephone is the easiest way to do so.

Why Hire Someone For Computer Hardware Repairs

Sometimes our computer breaks down for no good reason and usually our first reaction is frustration especially if we were working on a project and didn’t have the opportunity to save. Getting mad at your computer and having little knowledge about the hardware will not fix it which is why sometimes it’s better to hire a technician for a computer hardware repairs. Depending on the situations you may realize that repairing your computer is probably the most cost effective solution if your computer should ever break down. There is an inconvenient though but we will look at that later.

So why would you want to hire someone to fix your computer? Well first of all if you’re lazy to do it yourself, it could be a good answer. But in most cases if it’s beyond your knowledge of computer hardware repairs, don’t bother trying to fix it yourself because it will take up a lot of time and you might run into trouble along the way. In order to fix your computer hardware parts you must have a certain amount of knowledge when it comes computer hardware because although the pieces are relatively solid, they are still very delicate in the sense that it does not take much for you to burn the circuits by accident.

Of course if the problem is only minor hiring someone for your computer hardware repairs will definitely save you a lot of money. I mean unless you’re willing to invest the same amount you had for your initial computer to buy a new computer that’s going to be more powerful hiring a technician will cost you at least 10 times less than a new computer. Price is not the only factor because if you decide to go with the new computer you have to remember that you’ll need to transfer all the data from the old one to the new one and this can be very time consuming if your computer is broken.

In the past, more like 15 years ago when your computer broke you had no choice but to bring it to the computer hardware repairs shop but luckily today many companies can deliver the repairs at your home. With that in mind you don’t have to bother about taking a computer to store anymore since they’ll bring a technician to your house and fix your computer in the most convenient of ways. If that’s not convenient enough, I don’t know what would be.visit for more helpful information.

Now the downside of computer hardware repairs is fixing your hardware parts. A hardware part itself is usually not very expensive if it’s not a crucial one and usually the technicians will suggest swapping the parts for new ones. Although the piece may be cheap many of us do not even know which type or which piece we need to buy when that happens so if you should ever encounter this situation, clearly ask your technician what brand would he suggest for a specific part in the computer. Trust me this will save you a lot of time for searching.

Computer Hardware Repairs

Of course the decision of whether to repair or buying a new computer is up to you but if your computer is a recent one and breaks, considering computer hardware repairs possibilities could save you a lot of money. If your computer is starting to get old and breaks often you might want to consider in your computer because after going through all the repair bills you’ll probably have paid the equivalent of a new computer

Using Windows 7 to its full capabilities with Windows Essentials

The Windows operating system has been around for a long time. It has infiltrated the average household to the point where a child’s first experience when it comes to computing will be on a windows machine. Even though we have all of this exposure to the computer, most people still do not use the bevy of programs that come in a standard Windows installation.

Most of the machines remain under utilized. With Windows 7, Microsoft has made it easier than ever for the average person to be able use the full capabilities of the system. Microsoft has packaged a group of programs together that you can get with a quick download. They call the package, Windows Essentials. Some of the programs you might be familiar with, others not so much. Let’s talk about what comes in the Windows Essential package and how it can help you in your everyday computing task.

Windows Essential consist of 7 programs that may be helpful to the average person. The package consist of

Windows Messenger
Windows Photo Gallery
Mail, Writer
Movie maker
Family Safety
Microsoft Toolbar.

As we said before, some of these programs you might be familiar with already. They may be programs that you use all of the time. While there is a good chance that you might have been exposed to two or three of these programs, it is very doubtful that you have been exposed to them all.

Windows Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail and Movie maker are probably the most popular programs in this group and pretty much describe what they do in the name. Lets give the others a brief description of what they do so you can become more familiar with them.

Family Safety program

This program allows you to monitor your child’s activity while they are on online. You can regulate when they access the Internet and what sites they are allowed to go to.

The Microsoft toolbar

Microsoft toolbar gives you quick search capabilities on any web page that you may visit. This is perfect for when you are reading a story online and want to know more about a small detail in the story.checkout latest updates at

Windows 7 write

Windows operating system

Windows 7 write is a program that is perfect if you do any kind of writing online. Especially if you are what they consider a blogger. It allows you to easily log onto your server and post the stories, all without leaving the actual program. It is also good as a general text editor as more information straight from the source.

As you see we have gone over the basic of the Windows 7 Essential package offered by Microsoft. Microsoft is known for a charging a premium price for its products. This time they give you a premium product for no cost at all.

Anti-virus options for Windows 7

The team wouldn’t be very helpful if we didn’t tell you about some of the available antivirus products out there that are compatible with Windows 7. This is where all your Mac friends gloat about not needing to worry about viruses because there are only a few threats to their system. You can laugh at them when they spill coffee all over their shiny macbook air while they are trying to look cool at the Starbucks.

Now, a few thoughts about protection. A good antivirus is an essential part of protecting your data, but it’s just one part – there are a few others.

Before we discuss the software options, there are a few quick tips that you can follow to help keep you and your data as safe and secure as possible:

First – Don’t install it if you don’t know what it is.

-This is something that you should train your family on, or better yet, create a group with restrictions on what can be installed and add your family to this group. If someone wants to put something on the computer, this should be vetted by the admin – or whoever will have to fix it when it breaks.

Second – Use a hardware barrier

-A router provides you with the convenience of wireless, or the ability to have multiple computers to the same device. Another great feature of a properly configured router is it provides an additional level of protection for your system. Let Google be your friend, and take the steps to secure your router to help keep your data safe. A quick search of “how to secure your router” will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial for you to follow.visit this website for more related information.

Third – Make a backup

-OK, really this should be the first, second, and third steps. If you don’t have a backup, plan on losing data. If you only have one backup, you might as well not have any. Proper and regular backups include multiple copies on multiple mediums. The original on your hard drive, backup numbers one and two on a raid network setup, on multiple drives (or you could choose to use some of the available online backup services). You should have at least one copy of your backup offsite, just in case. You might think that this over-kill or that you don’t store anything worth backing up – but what about those digital pics of your first nieces first birthday? Yeah, you can live without them, but for the 10 minutes it takes to do a backup – do you want to risk the memories?

OK, back to the Anti-Virus options

You should decide if you want to pay for an anti-virus, or if you want to use one of the many free options available to you. All of these options are officially sanctioned by the Microsoft team, for your user enjoyment!

Here are two options available to you for a fee:

-Norton Antivirus 2010 – $40/year/computer According to Symantec, the makers of this a/v, this version was built from the ground up to support windows 7, so it should be fully compatible with whichever flavor of Windows 7 you use.

-Kasperksy 2010 Antivirus – $60/year/up to 3 computers Still a popular a/v choice for many, and the multiple PC licensing helps you protect your home network for a very reasonable fee.

Here are two options available to you for free:

-AVG Free 9.0 – AVG shows that they are more interested in your complete protection than they are at grabbing every available dollar you have. This is version 9, and for a free a/v, it delivers adequate protection and will provide you the peace of mind – even when your teenager is surfing the web. AVG also has a few other a/v products available for purchase if you would like to increase the level of your security.

-Microsoft security essentials – Theoretically, an a/v product built by the folks that built the OS should be uber compatible. The reviews on MS security essential are positive so far, and if the idea of having a matched set is something that you covet – this might be the right option for you.

Anti-virus options for Windows 7

Well, two fee and two free options – what’s the difference? For the most part, it comes down to how much support you are going to need. If you regularly search Google for solutions to any problems you have, you probably are going to be comfortable with AVG or MS security essentials – or any of the multitudes of free antivirus options. But if you would rather talk to a real person on the phone to walk you through any issues you have, step by step, then you should look into one of the fee services.learn more information available at,news-20703.html

Whichever option you choose, make sure you backup before you install, or risk explaining to your wife where the only digital copy of your wedding pictures went! J The price of external drives and backup media has dropped to levels that everyone should have some basic backup system in place.

Watch for a future post about your backup options!