Using Windows 7 to its full capabilities with Windows Essentials

The Windows operating system has been around for a long time. It has infiltrated the average household to the point where a child’s first experience when it comes to computing will be on a windows machine. Even though we have all of this exposure to the computer, most people still do not use the bevy of programs that come in a standard Windows installation.

Most of the machines remain under utilized. With Windows 7, Microsoft has made it easier than ever for the average person to be able use the full capabilities of the system. Microsoft has packaged a group of programs together that you can get with a quick download. They call the package, Windows Essentials. Some of the programs you might be familiar with, others not so much. Let’s talk about what comes in the Windows Essential package and how it can help you in your everyday computing task.

Windows Essential consist of 7 programs that may be helpful to the average person. The package consist of

Windows Messenger
Windows Photo Gallery
Mail, Writer
Movie maker
Family Safety
Microsoft Toolbar.

As we said before, some of these programs you might be familiar with already. They may be programs that you use all of the time. While there is a good chance that you might have been exposed to two or three of these programs, it is very doubtful that you have been exposed to them all.

Windows Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail and Movie maker are probably the most popular programs in this group and pretty much describe what they do in the name. Lets give the others a brief description of what they do so you can become more familiar with them.

Family Safety program

This program allows you to monitor your child’s activity while they are on online. You can regulate when they access the Internet and what sites they are allowed to go to.

The Microsoft toolbar

Microsoft toolbar gives you quick search capabilities on any web page that you may visit. This is perfect for when you are reading a story online and want to know more about a small detail in the story.checkout latest updates at

Windows 7 write

Windows operating system

Windows 7 write is a program that is perfect if you do any kind of writing online. Especially if you are what they consider a blogger. It allows you to easily log onto your server and post the stories, all without leaving the actual program. It is also good as a general text editor as more information straight from the source.

As you see we have gone over the basic of the Windows 7 Essential package offered by Microsoft. Microsoft is known for a charging a premium price for its products. This time they give you a premium product for no cost at all.

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